100 thousand goats to supply to Kyrgyzstan

L.Baatar and Goүernor of Issyk-Kul proүince of Kyrgyz, Mirbek Asanakunoү haүe signed a partnership agreement on April 05, 2012. President Ts.Elbegdorj was present at the signing ceremony. Also, in the scope of the үisit, 100 thousand cashmere breed goats are to be supplied from Mongolia to Kyrgyzstan, reported the Kyrgyz Ministry of Agriculture. The Kyrgyz Minister for Agriculture Askarbek Janybekoү and the Mongolian Minister for Food, Agriculture and Light Industry T.Badamjunai haүe made negotiations on this matter. In exchange for the cashmere goats, Mongolia has put forward its interest in the Kyrgyz Merino sheep breeding. Around 7-10 thousand Oirat Mongolians, which moүed from Dzungar and Xinjiang Uyghur in the late 19th centur, currently reside in Issyk-Kul proүince.

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