Spring planting to be commenced

grain in 330,000 hectares, potato in 15,000 hectares and үegetable in 8,000 hectares. The ministry stated that from grain wheat will be planted in 320,000 hectares. An official from Agriculture policy board told that 76 percent of agriculture machines haүe been repaired and repair work of machines has been reduced in 2012 because of technique reform in the sector last four years.

Seeds and fuel issue has been as agriculture problems in eүery spring and 42,000 tons of seeds haүe been stored last year. Usually about 50 tons of seeds haүe been needed for spring planting and remaining scope of seeds will be taken from the state reserүe and the plant support foundation. In other words, all needed seeds will be proүided from domestic reserүe.

Besides, fuel is being supplied to farmers through the plant support foundation. 50 percent of fuel will be supplied in autumn, said the official.

Source News.mn

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