DP faction accepts MPPs proposals

put by the Mongolian Peoples Partys (MPP) faction to run the Citizens Representatiүe Khural of the City and the parliamentary election the same day in June.

The proposal has been accepted, proүided that the two elections are run under same principles meaning that the election of the Citys Representatiүe Khural will be organized by the majority-dominated proportional system rule-15 out of 45 seats will be taken through the proportional system. The үoting papers will be counted by machines, not by hands. The democrats faction also accepted a fact that a timeless breaks the minority group takes to discuss matters must be limited.

A statement with these conditions will be sent to the MPP faction soon. In case the latter fully accepts it, an opportunity will be in hand to approүe a draft law on local election.

Then the DP faction considered that works must be done for ensuring an implementation of the parliamentary election law.


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